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A note on the asterisk(★) and “OSIPP Access Only”

→Database provided by Osaka University Library
  Access can be made through the database list
【OSIPP Access Only】
→OSIPP members can access the database only when they are in the OSIPP building.




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  • Index to Legal Periodicals &Books 
  • Indexes law books,journals,reviews and more
  • Hein-Online  【OSIPP Access Only】
  • Hein's premier online product of regal history,fully-searchable,image-based format
  • JURIS  【OSIPP Access Only】
  • Database of German law
  • Beck-Online  【OSIPP Access Only】
  • Online journal about German law
  • Contains a wide range of laws and precedents in Japan



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・Library PressDisplay ・ LexisNexis Academic ・ New York Times collecrion ,etc

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