Learning Leadership from Business Leaders

At a Glance
Course Code  020661  /Semester Fall,Winter
Day and Period Thursday 4th period
Course Name (Japanese) Learning Leadership from Business Leaders
Credits 2 Eligibility Student Year 3,4,  Schedule Semester Fall, Winter 
Instructors  Yoshiaki NOMURA, Ryosuke JIGAMI ,Satoshi NISHIJIMA
Language of the Course:Japanese
Room  OSIPP 2F Lecture Theater

Detailed Information
Course Objective
This course aims to improve the participants’ understanding of leadership and their effectiveness as leaders by learning from business leaders and participating in the class management with instructors and sponsors.

1. We invite real leaders in various businesses as speakers to discuss their experience and aspiration as leaders with the class participants.
2. Participants have ample opportunities to experiment their leadership by organizing and managing the classes and improve its effectiveness by discussions and reflections with speakers and among themselves.

Thursday 14:40~16:10 including a lecture (40 minutes), Q & A, discussion (40 minutes) and reflection (10 minutes).

Preliminary Requirement
Please submit your statement by email explaining why you wish to take this course to the mail address below in accordance with the following forms. Within one page in A4 format, noting the date of submission, your name, registration number and your email address. Your email must be addressed to <glp@osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp> and must include in the subject “2019LLBL (your name).” You are expected to submit above by October 31, 2019 for a better evaluation.

Auditing a Class
If you want to audit a course or classes, please register in advance by mailing to glp@osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp .

2019 Course Schedule is available by the URL below.

Learning Goals
1. The participants can improve their understanding of leadership by learning from the guest speakers who have shown marvelous leadership in the business.

2. The participants can improve their effectiveness as leaders by participating in the class management, collaborating with instructors and sponsors.

Special Notes
This course is part of the Global Leadership Program < http://www.osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp/leader/index.html >. Students can learn leadership more effectively by taking other courses in this program. Other courses are: Thinking Leadership Seriously (Second Semester, Wednesday, 6th period).

Class Plan
1. Introductory Work

2. Mock Class 1: Instructor
Self-Evaluation Sheet No.1

3. Developing Management Skills
Submission Deadline for Self-Evaluation Sheet No.1

4. Mock Class 2:

5.Guest Speaker 1

6. Guest Speaker 2

7. Guest Speaker 3
Self-Evaluation Sheet No.2; Peer Review Sheet No.1

8. Guest Speaker 4
Submission Deadline for Self-Evaluation Sheet No.1; Peer Review Sheet No.1

9. Interim General Reflections and Class Planning

10.Guest Speaker 5

11. Guest Speaker 6

12. Guest Speaker 7
13. Guest Speaker 8
Self-Evaluation Sheet No.3; Peer Review Sheet No.2

14. Guest Speaker 9
Submission Deadline for Self-Evaluation Sheet No.3; Peer Review Sheet No.2

15. Final Presentations by the Participants

16. Final Session inviting the Guest Speakers for the Program
16:30~18:30 Cafeteria Laforet or other fun places

Type of Class Lectures and Group Work

Independent Study Outside of Class
Group work is required for class preparation.

“Common Text: Global Leadership Program 2019” is distributed in the class.

Ronald A.Heifetz, Leadership on the Line (Harvard Business School Press, 2002).
Joseph S. Nye, Jr., The Powers to Lead, (Oxford, 2008).
Sharon Daloz Parks, Leadership Can Be Taught (Harvard Business School Press, 2005).
Kimitoshi Hori, Introduction to Workshop (Nikkei Press, 2008).

Grading Policy
1. (a)Preliminary Statement+(b)Leadership actions in the preparation for and in the classes and Class Performance+Reflection Sheets+Peer Reviews+(c)Final Report
2. Business manners including punctuality will be monitored by instructors.

Messages to Prospective Students
Wanted: Students who wish to share the objective of the course and enjoy the time of cooperation for organizing and managing the classes.