The Global Leadership Program (GLP) at Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP) was established in 2007 as a collaborative alliance with CSR conscious companies in Japan and since then has developed world-class leadership learning methods.

The basis of leadership lies in the behavior in wich each citizen tries to
solve social problems responsibly. Osaka University Global Leadership
Program collaborates with citizens and various organizations that share
feelings about reform and to train highly ethical leaders working in the
region and the world to benefit the public values shared by all.

  • 1.Learn by example, from sincere people.
  • 2. Learn to change by dialogue.
  • 3. Raise artistic senses for better perception.
  • 4. Learn by doing and with reflection.
  • Cooperating Companies
  • Global Leadership Director's Board
  • GLP Student Association (GLPSA)
  • Osaka University Leadership Education Committee
  • Cooperation Osaka University 21Century KAITOKUDO

OsakaUniversity Global Leadership Program
Osaka University Global Leadership Program Student Association (GLPSA)

GLP welcomes those who wish to solve the challenges that we are seeing around the world to make it more livable than it is now.