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International Public Policy Studies

International Public Policy Studies Vol.22 No.1

September 2017
Published by the Association of International Public Policy Studies,Osaka University
1-31 machikaneyama, Toyonaka, Osaka, 560-0043, Japan
Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University

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(jpn) : Language of this article is Japanese

  • Foreword (jpn) 
    Kunihiko OKUBO

  • In Honor of Prof. Shigeharu NOMURA
  • Economic Statecraft: An Assessment of China’s Search for Influence in Southeast Asia 
    Gong, Xue  pp.1-13
  • BOJ’s ETF Purchasing Policy and Case Analysis on an Addition to and a Subtraction from Nikkei 225(jpn)
    Kimie HARADA pp.15-26
  • The EU Accession Revisited: Why Did Sweden Join the EU in 1995? 
    Sawako MARUYAMA  pp.27-36
  • The Impacts of Women’s Earnings on Family Earning Inequality―Women’s Employment, Career Decisions and Earnings Disparities among Married Couples―(jpn) 
    Kazuyasu SAKAMOTO, Yoko MORITA  pp.37-48
  • Some Analysis of Income Inequality and Individual Health in Japan 
    Masako OYAMA  pp.49-56
  • Biography and Bibliography: Shigeharu NOMURA (jpn) 

  • In Honor of Prof. Toshitaka TAKEUCHI
  • Quantitative Analysis of Japan’s Defense White Paper Using a Machine Learning Algorithm(jpn) 
    Masashi KAWAI  pp.65-72
  • Toward the End of Inter-Paradigm Debates ―Theoretical Synthesis of Grand Unified Model―
    Shunji KOSAKA pp.73-84
  • Supporting Regional Security Forces for Peace and Stability Operations 
    Geoffrey BOWMAN, Michael GOAD, Kurt McDOWELL  pp.85-93
  • The Impact of Trump Politics on US-China-Taiwan Relations―Analysis by Strategic Triangle Theory―(jpn) 
    Tatsuya NARII pp.95-106
  • Biography and Bibliography: Toshitaka TAKEUCHI (jpn) 
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