The Association of International Public Policy Studies, Osaka University

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Rules of Membership in the Association

If you join this Association, you will be able to ;

-Submit your articles to International Public Policy Studies (electronic edition)
-Participate in some activities hosted by this Association

Specifically, please confirm the rules of membership of this Association.

Rules of Membership [PDF]

Payment of membership fee

The period for being a member can be either from April 1 to March 31 of the following year (April members), or from October 1 to September 31 of the following year (October members).

Student members

-master course ¥2,500
-doctor course ¥2,500

Regular members

-Professors, associate professors, lecturers, assistant professors, researchers, etc., of
 universities or research institutions ¥2,500
-Persons who have completed a master’s degree program from a university and persons who
 have been at a university in a doctor’s degree program for three (3) years or more, have
 acquired certain credits, and have left school after having received the necessary research
 guidance ¥2,500
-Other persons approved by the Board of Councilors ¥2,500

How to pay the membership fee

Please transfer the membership fee to the account of the Japan Post co., Ltd.
Account number:00930-1-82940
Account holder:The Association of International Public Policy Studies, Osaka University(大阪大学国際公共政策学会)

If you live outside of Japan, please contact us at

Last Update: 2016/02/23