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Empirical Policy Analysis, NPOs and NGOs, International Cooperation, Environmental Issues, Gender, Taxation Systems, Inequality, etc.

Research Introduction and Message

"Teaching and learning alongside a diverse group of graduate students with wide-ranging academic interests and a great deal of intellectual curiosity. "

   After studying Economics for my degree, I worked as an economist at the Economic Planning Agency (now the Cabinet Office), where my responsibilities included producing the White Paper on The Japanese Economy. Since entering into academia, I have been working on a broad range of policy issues, including policy evaluation, policy decision-making processes, civil society, NPOs and NGOs, charitable giving and volunteerism, international public goods, communities, economic cooperation, environmental issues, gender, legal and taxation systems and inequality.

   My students have many different research interests ranging from individual and household economic behaviour to global issues . Most doctoral students are full-time workers engaged in various fields of employment. They are employed as government officials, Diet members, municipal officials, researchers of think-tanks, and university professors, and many are able to conduct research alongside their job. I have been inspired by the creative ideas of my students. These inspirations have often lead me to expand my research frontiers. Moreover, my students are able to learn from each other, compete against each other and support each other to produce high quality research.

   " Diversity " is an asset of my laboratory. I believe that my laboratory is providing "an arena ", where various students can come together to study and to inspire each other. About 20 students have already gained a Ph.D., and about 60 students have graduated with a master's degree . I hope that my laboratory will continue to serve as an incubator for advanced research while fostering the development of my own most recent research topic, "social capital".

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