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Conflict Studies and Peace-building (East Timor, West Papua, etc.)

Research Introduction and Message

Understanding people leads to an ability to solve problems.

   There are a number of conflicts that have yet to be resolved in the contemporary world. Is conflict something that derives from the true and unchangeable nature of humankind? Is it a disease that cannot be cured? I do not think so. Human will play a significant role in conflict. Conflicts are started, and ended, by human decisions. Consequently, if you wish to contribute to the resolution of conflicts, it is important that you augment a strong belief in justice with deep insight into human thought and behavior. It is only by moving people that conflict can be resolved.

   In conflict studies, it is key to understand how individual people think and act in light of their geographical, historical, political, economic, and religious background and conditions. When you consider what we in Japan can do about conflicts that are unfolding in distant locales, it may seem that conflict resolution is a pipe dream. However, as a result of the accumulation of efforts to resolve conflicts in a variety of places around the world, those conflicts are being resolved one by one. We can gain strength by joining together our own small efforts in our globalized society.

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