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Theory and Practice of International Relations, in Particular U.N. Diplomacy (The Security Council, Peacekeeping/Peace-building, Reconstruction/Development), Asia-Pacific International Relations, U.S.-Japanese Relations, Human Security, the Responsibility to Protect, Intelligence Analysis

Research Introduction and Message

Let's explore together the theory and practice of international relations to expand human hope and dignity.

   As bilateral and multilateral diplomacy between and among the governments of sovereign states continues to be the basis of international relations, we must develop a robust understanding of the diplomatic process. At the same time, it is also important for us to develop a keen sense to understand the dynamic transactions that transcend national borders in today's world--including of people, goods and services, money, and information--and of their influence. In today's globalized world, we are witnessing new realities - the power shifts among key states, the increase of fragile state, and the rise of humanitarian disasters, both natural and man-made, among others. The study and discussion of international relations from the perspective of international public policy paves the way for thinking about what peace means in the world in which we live. When I think about peace, I think about the need to create the conditions under which people can have hope for tomorrow and live with dignity. We will confront the difficult reality of today's world in terms of conflict, poverty, and oppression in our classroom sessions, but we will also engage in a lively discussion of the specific steps that can be taken to increase people's hope and dignity.

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