公開講座 "US Democracy Promotion in the Arab World: Beyond Interests vs. Ideals"

  • Dr. Mieczyslaw Boduszynski: Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations, Pomona College
  • May 24, Friday, 14:40-16:10 (4th period)
  • Multimedia Room, 3rd floor, OSIPP

Whether democracy promotion should play a role in US foreign policy continues to be a subject of considerable debate, perhaps nowhere more than with regard to the Arab World. But looking beyond the "whether," what explains why, where, and how the United States promotes democracy? What caused the shift from the Obama administration's support of the Arab Spring protests in 2011 to its retreat from democracy promotion only two years later? What explains the Trump administration's focus on relationships with autocrats?

In the context of these questions, Mieczysław Boduszynski explores the tensions between interests and ideals in US foreign policy and the possibilities and limits of US democracy promotion in a region where Washington has often supported autocracy over freedom.

In this lecture Dr. Boduszynski talks about his new book, US Diplomacy Promotion in the Arab World: Beyond Interests vs. Ideals, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2019.

Dr. Mieczyslaw Boduszynski
Dr. Boduszynski teaches US foreign policy at Pomona College, California. He received his Ph.D. (Political Science) from the University of California, Berkely (UCB) in 2004, and served as U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Libya, Albania, Kosovo, Japan, Egypt and Iraq between 2004 and 2016. A member of the Pacific Council, he is an expert on the Balkans and the modern Middle East and North Africa, especially Iraq, Libya, and Egypt. He also published a book titled, Regime Change in the Yugoslav Successor States: Divergent Paths toward a New Europe, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.

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―「世界を撮る」写真家チェンマンが魅せる アート×リーダーシップ―

日時 2019年5月26日(日) 14:00~17:00

場所 大阪大学大学会館(豊中キャンパス)

主催 大阪大学グローバルリーダーシッププログラム


参加費 無料・要予約、同時通訳あり。 

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■場所:大阪大学豊中キャンパス OSIPP棟  6階会議室
講師:山下拓朗 氏(Toulouse School of Economics)
議題:"Speculators enhancing Transparency in Auction."
A (pure) speculator in an auction context is a bidder who participates in an auction to make a profit but without winning, observed in practice typically in auctions with resale. Given that speculators could potentially steal some rents from ``real'' bidders possibly by upsetting allocations, it is an important policy question whether speculators should be allowed to participate in an auction. In this paper, I consider a bilateral-trade (or ``double-auction'') environment where a deficit-constrained principal (e.g., a public authority) can acquire information crucial for the efficiency of trading outcomes. I show that it is welfare-maximizing to fully acquire and disclose information in the auction with a speculator, while such full-information policy is strictly suboptimal without a speculator. Because of this information channel, allowing for a speculator can increase the expected total welfare. In this sense, the paper provides a rationale for allowing for a speculator in certain auction contexts to enhance the welfare and transparency.
議題:"A Crash Course in Cooperative Game Theory."
This seminar is meant to familiarize the participants with some fundamental concepts and results in the theory of cooperative games. In particular, I cover theory and background of classical cooperative solutions such as the core, the bargaining set, and the nucleolus.

■お問い合わせ:東京大学社会科学研究所 中林真幸研究室
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