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Associate Professor

Research Theme

International Relations, international relations in Southeast Asia,
multi-agent simulation

Research Introduction and Message

Theoretical research on international politics

   I carry out research that theoretically considers international politics. In the past, I have studied the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and multi-agent simulation technique. At present, I am interested in obtaining a theoretical understanding of international politics related to domestic political systems, such as the international promotion and spread of democracy. The study of theory is not limited to learning about various theories that already exist; I believe it is important to acquire training to think in a logical, abstract manner and to derive specific assertions. On the other hand, ideas are produced by learning about the present circumstances, and more than anything it is possible to discover what one wants to learn . Studying history and becoming familiar with daily current events is essential. Let us experience together the work of logically creating hypotheses and then verifying them based on actual events.

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