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WANI Kentaro
Associate Professor

Research Topics

International Law, Particularly the Law of Armed Conflict (the Law of Neutrality, Prize Law, the Law of Occupation, the Law of Non-international Armed Conflict, etc.)

Research Introduction and Message

The status of the law of armed conflict in contemporary international law

   The law of armed conflict is a one area of international law. This area was previously known by names such as the "laws of war" and "international law of war," but recently it has come to be known as international humanitarian law. Despite the positive associations suggested by the term "humanitarian," this body of law actually comprises a cruel system of rules predicated upon the proposition that it is permitted to kill people. In short, the lack of prohibitions on the waging of war in international law befor World War I spurred the law to develop in the direction of rationalizing to the greatest extent possible the "how to" of war (basically, the conditions under which it is permissible to kill people and seize property). Incidentally, today war itself has been prohibited, raising the thorny question of why the law of armed conflict, which defines how war should be waged, should continue to remain in force. In an effort to address this difficult question, I have conducted research into such issues as the law of neutrality, capture at sea, and the treatment of property in occupied territory, but I have yet to arrive at clear and decisive answers.

   The study of international law holds numerous other issues that remain poorly understood. I look forward to thinking about these problems with you in my seminars and lectures.

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