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Law (Civil and Family Law)

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I conduct research into legal issues involving families from a broad range of perspectives.

   My research centers on civil law (family law), particularly parent-child law (issues related to the establishment and effects of parent-child relationships and issues involving assisted reproduction medicine) and inheritance law (the realization of inheritee intentions, including wills, and issues involving the substantial equality of successors). I'm also interested in bioethics and related law as those have evolved in line with the development of medicine (life science)

   Contemporary society and families are undergoing a rapid transformation. With problems occurring that cannot be adequately addressed by existing laws, my research focuses on a future vision for the law based on an understanding of contemporary law and research using the techniques of comparative law in order to determine what types of laws and policies are desirable. Germany figures prominently in my international research connections (I studied abroad in the southwestern German town of Freiburg, a beautiful college town known for its environmental policy), but I also communicate regularly with researchers in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.

   Students belonging to my laboratory (including graduates) investigate research topics related to family law and gender law in the broadest sense. I invite students with interests in this field and an appetite to conduct research to join this seminar (Tokotani Lab).

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