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Associate Professor

Research Topics

Relationship between EU Law and National Law, Effectiveness of EU Law, EU Judicial System

Research Introduction and Message

   My research interests lie in EU law, with a particular focus on the relationship between EU and national law, and the effectiveness of EU law.
   In EU legal system, it is in principle for national authorities to implement EU legislations. However, Member States do not always enforce them correctly and they often fail to amend national measures incompatible with EU law. Faced with this problem, European Court of Justice has developed the principles for ensuring the effectiveness and uniform application of EU law in all Member States. I have been focusing my attention on those principles and promoting the study on the relevant case law.
Furthermore, I am currently researching the reaction to EU law doctrines by national courts. In general, they accepted EU law, but with some reservations. They impose certain limits on its effects, because if accepting it without any conditions, national constitutional principles or fundamental values would be impaired in certain cases. I am doing research on the decisions by national courts on this topic.
   I look forward to thinking together about the role of law in European integration and legal issues that occur in the integration process.

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