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U.S. Political and Diplomatic History, History of International Relations

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U.S. diplomacy and international relations

   What image do you have regarding the United States? Perhaps you see the U.S. as a country that has a predilection for waging war, as evidenced by the air campaign against Afghanistan and the Iraq War. Or maybe you see it as a country on the leading edge of worldwide developments, a view that might be symbolized by President Obama's emergence and the nation's creation of a variety of new media and tools with enormous influence that extends even to political conditions in other countries, for example in the form of democratic movements.

   In fact, you could say that these images represent the "light" and "dark" sides of the U.S. as a country. In my courses, lectures, and volunteer-based workshop (research group), we examine the relationship between international society and the U.S., which wields enormous power for better or worse in the contemporary, globalizing world, through a primarily historical approach.

   Recently, dramatic progress in the preservation and publication of documents related to diplomacy in the U.S. has made it possible to catch a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes, as it were, of comparatively recent diplomatic negotiations without relying on Wikileaks and other similar sources of information.

   I'm looking forward to sharing opportunities for examining history and considering the future of international society together.

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