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Human Resource Management; the Economics of Education; Labor Economics

Research Introduction and Message

The development of organization and society, Human behaviour and their failures and successes,

   Economics is founded on the assumption that people possess perfect knowledge about their enviroment and that they can make the best possible choices and capture their highest interest . It is true that, in many occations, people exhibit the characteristics on which economics is predicated. Even some researchers who study the altruistic behaviors of human beings, they seek to further their own reputation by publising their research results sometimes in very selfish manners and also by no means act altruistically in their daily lives.

   On the other hand, in nature, people cannot always optimaize their behaviors rationally as the basic theory of economic predicts. They waver between self-interest and altruism; they make choices that can only with difficulty be described as optimal, and they experience failure again and again.

   They insist their own freedom yet desire to belong to organizations and society. They accept existing measures of value created by others in order to legitimize themselves and they make value judgments of their neighbors. Individuals are prone to fall under the sway of organizations and society, or of ready-made values and ideas.


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