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Associate Professor

Research Topics

Political behavior, political institutions, American politics,
suicide prevention

Research Description and Message

Towards evidence-based policy and political solutions

 My research is principally concerned with the functioning of the democratic process. A first line of research seeks to explain what shapes people's political behavior and opinion. A second line of research explores what leads government officials to produce policies that meet the public's needs. These two lines of research typically exploit data from the United States, Japan, and other OECD nations. In addition, I study suicide as a public health issue and examine the importance of politics to decrease the rate of suicide worldwide.
Regardless of the topics, my research aims to offer rigorous scientific evidence that reveals a causal relationship between causes and outcomes. I believe that this type of knowledge would help us design an effective policy that solves an immediate and serious political problem.
My lectures and seminars offer a variety of opportunities for students to design and complete a scientific study that would ultimately improve upon our society.

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