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Research Topics

Unemployment, Differentials, Consumption, and Health; Social Policy; Quantitative Analysis

Research Introduction and Message

Analyzing data about policies involving individuals and families

   Why do people work? Why do they decide not to work? How and for whose benefit is income from work used? How does people's use of time differ from their use of money? Who is truly poor? How does social policy impact these things? I analyze data related to topics such as these using the theory and analytical techniques of economics.

   Taking an economic approach to analyzing topics involving individuals and families is not necessarily the mainstream practice. When you try to explain the behavior of individuals and families with economic theory, you will often be told that families are not so simple as that, and when you analyze associated data, you will be told that data cannot adequately capture people's pain. Nonetheless, it is important to focus on conclusions derived from hypotheses when thinking about policy, and it is necessary to evaluate policy based on the results of data analysis, which yields few mistakes. Since my topics involve a broad range of disciplines--law, medicine, sociology, and psychology--I draw on knowledge from these fields as I examine what policies are truly necessary for individuals and families.

   My hope is that students will master techniques for not being misled by data or lying through data.

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