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Multicultural Coexistence, Liberalism, Theory of Civil Society

Research Introduction and Message

Exploring the possibility of multicultural coexistence based on liberalism

   Ethnic conflicts are currently found throughout the world.We are likely to think that such conflicts occur in developing countries where the institutional frameworks for people's coexist are not matured enough, yet actually such conflicts also occur in developed countries where these systems are well established. Why is this so?

   Additionally, conflict is often fueled by a variety of causes. While there are countries where different nations coexist in peace despite their significant cultural differences, there are also nations where severe confrontation emerges despite their similar cultures. This suggests that it is not simply cultural differences that fuel conflict, but rather a combination of complex factors.

   What type of institutional frameworks are needed to mitigate their conflicts and make them coexist ? By taking into account both their primordial attachment to the culture and their manipulation to achieve a certain goal by using an ethnic symbol, we have to forge a more frexible framework for coexistence than ever.

   I invite you to join me in thinking about these issues.

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