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ISHISE Hirokazu
Associate Professor

Research Topics

Heterogeneity and its aggregate implications in macro and international economic analyses

Research Introduction and Message

   In macro and international economic analyses, we usually set up a simplified model: a variety of heterogeneous agents and goods are aggregated into a representative agent and a representative good.
I examine potential pitfalls caused by these aggregation assumptions.

A simplified model is a powerful tool when we study potential effects of policy interventions. Yet, we should pay attention for: what the assumption behind the model is; what occurs by changing the assumption; what data is useful to determine which assumption is reasonable. This process is important for not only model analysis but also statistical analysis.
Different assumptions often leads to contradicting conclusions. Different data often lead to contradicting conclusions. People frequently skip examining the process of analysis and focus only on the results of the analysis. In policy debate, this is not fruitful. I expect OSIPP students to learn the importance of examining the process of the analysis.


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