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TANAKA Hiroyuki
Assistant Professor

Research Topics

Application of the non-expected utility model to stock market analysis

Research Introduction and Message

   As can be seen throughout the investment and insurance industry, an important element in economic activity is the unpredictability of the future.
Among economists, one popular opinion holds that this uncertainty follows the laws of probability; for this reason, people attempt to maximize their own levels of satisfaction, as represented by their expected utility function. However, others point out that this probability includes a significant amount of uncertainty, and that human behavior can be affected by psychological factors unrelated to actual results. In light of this, many recent economic models aim to factor in these elements, which were not taken into consideration in pre-existing theories. I am researching these theories, known as non-expected utility models, and their application to stock market analysis.

I also deliver lectures on microeconomics and mathematical economics. I am committed to enabling graduate students to acquire a more in-depth understanding of economic theory.

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