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International Politics, Conflict Studies (Africa), Media Studies

Research Introduction and Message

The unseen world and the flow of information

   Our world is becoming increasingly and inextricably intertwined thanks to the process of globalization. Events and issues in any corner of the world potentially have the power to affect our lives, just as our actions can influence the lives of people living on the other side of the globe.
   The ability to respond to events and issues in such a world is contingent on our access to information. In this sense, the mass media, which links people and policymakers, has a crucial role to play.
   As the rise of the internet and satellite transmission demonstrate, great advances have been made in terms of the technology that now enables us in theory to access more information about the world than ever before. But what about advances in terms of the actual information the mass media provides - the quantity and quality of information about this interconnected world of ours?
   The reality is that most media corporations continue to devote the vast majority of their coverage to the events and issues within the country in which they are based. Furthermore, the limited amount of international coverage that there is tends to display a strong regional slant, with Africa typically at the bottom of the agenda. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for example, has been host to the world's deadliest conflict in more than half a century, and yet because there has been so little coverage about it, the conflict remains relatively unknown.
   A shared understanding of the situation and broad debate are key elements in the development and implementation of effective policies in response to the many of the issues the world faces. Improving this process means improving the flow of information in the world. I invite you to think with me about how this might be done.

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