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AKAI Nobuo

Research Topics

Public Economics, Public Administration, Public Finance, Decentralization of Government, Public Governance

Research Introduction and Message

economic analysis of transport infrastructure and governance, economic evaluation of reform in local government finance, economic analysis of educational finance and governance

   While the market serves to amplify efficiency through competitive society, it also occasions a variety of failures. Public economics as a discipline is concerned with clarifying the mechanisms of those failures and considering policies to rectify them. While it is primarily the public sector (government) that rectifies failures, the same sector also experiences them (in the form of failures of government). Consequently, questions arise concerning the proper advancement of public sector management, and public administration (by means of the adoption of the similar management techniques used in the private sector) is debated.

   Looking at Japan from the perspective of government policy and administration in the public sector, it becomes clear that both the national (central) and local governments have amassed enormous amounts of debt and are pursuing their administrative responsibilities in an fairly dangerous manner. There is debate about what strategy will allow this situation to be overcome and how best to face the problems of an aging society, declining birthrate, and economic downturn, all issues with which Japan is grappling. To resolve these problems, it is important first that the Japanese people understand the current state of affairs. In addition that state of affairs is understood, the diverse range of the needs of Japan's citizens, from young to old, defies easy categorization. I'm interested in considering the role of the public and private sectors from a fundamental perspective to ask how Japan can be administered to best fulfill these different needs.

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