Renewal announcement about "International Public Policy Studies"

 As of 2016 fiscal year (Vol.21, No.1), "International Public Policy Studies" is to be renewed. The submission as a non-refereed article is no longer accepted and all submissions are reviewed by a referee (although there are a few exceptions). Therefore, note that the articles not following the academic journal styles such as book review and translated articles, in principle, cannot to be published. In addition, the journal is no longer published in print and only in electric form as of April 2016.
 In conjunction with the renewal, the submission policy, membership fees, and submission deadlines are all changed. Especially, the submission deadlines would be much earlier than in the current scheme. Check the "Schedule" in our new webpage if you are planning to submit your articles.

 Please contact the OSIPP Library, or the following email address if you have any questions about the renewal of our journal.
Editorial Office
The Association of International Public Policy Studies
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