2012-5-31 (Thu) 12:20-13:30 OSIPP's new course on Europe: a briefing session for teachers and studnets

A Briefing Session on a New Intensive Course on Europe at Osaka University

"Gateway to Europe - Contemporary Dutch Studies"

Organised by Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP) and Tekijuku Commemoration Center
in cooperation with Graduate School of Letters and EU Institute Japan - Kansai (EUIJ-Kansai)

Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), Osaka University, and Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen, with support of the Tekijuku Commemoration Center, jointly launch a new intensive course (2 credits) on Europe starting in the fall term of Academic Year 2012. With the renewed spirit of Rangaku in the 21st century, the course introduces various contemporary issues in the Netherlands and Europe at large to students of Osaka University. The course is taught by professors and lecturers of University of Groningen with a different topic every year, and is an EU Studies course (category b for 2012).
With visiting Assistant Professor Christopher K. Lamont of University of Groningen, a briefing session on the new course, Gateway to Europe - Contemporary Dutch Studies, will be held for teachers and students with an interest in studying Europe. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.

Day and time : 31 May, Thursday, 12:20-13:30.
Venue : Open-Style Seminar Room, Student Commons, ground floor, Toyonaka Campus

Guest speaker :
Dr. Christopher K. Lamont, Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen. PhD, Department of Politics, University of Glasgow;
Thesis title: Coercion, norms and atrocity: explaining state compliance with international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia arrest and surrender orders. Specialised in international criminal justice, human rights, transitional justice.

Information on the course
Each year a different instructor teaches the course with a different topic from history to law, international relations. It will be a two-credit intensive course both in the School of Law's curriculum for ndergraduates (to be approved) and in the OSIPP's curriculum for Master Program. Students of other Schools and Graduate Schools may take the course in accordance with the rules of the home School or Graduate School.
The course is split into two parts: Part I from 15 to 31 October, and Part II from 8 to 17 January, at the 6th period of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Time and dates are to be confirmed. The course's language is English.
Students are assigned articles or other texts and report to the class, conduct a research and make a presentation. Students also learn how to write an academic paper.
The instructor for AY 2012 is Associate Professor Janny de Jong, and the title is Europe and the Netherlands Reconsidered - contemporary developments, issues and debates in the Netherlands and in Europe from a historic perspective.

For further information on the course, please contact:
Akihisa Matsuno
Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), Osaka University

(23 May,2012 UPDATE)
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