OSIPP's Mission

International society is currently groping about for a new world order. At the beginning of the 21st century, increasing globalization and the dramatic progress of the revolution in information technology have given us new opportunities and possibilities. But at the same time, threats relating to international politics and security remain in the form of confrontations between nations, conflicts, infringements of human rights, terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the breakdown of national function.
Economic and social problems such as climate change, environmental destruction, poverty, and the disruption of markets by international capital flows are also becoming serious concerns. To address these issues in an effective manner, international society must pool human intelligence and work together.

Japan’s current political, economic and social systems also face numerous challenges. Novel approaches and strong leadership are needed to assure accountability in politics, overcome the nation’s extended economic downturn, transform its industrial structure, address difficulties posed by its falling birthrate and aging population, rectify inequality, and promote gender equality.

OSIPP is dedicated to addressing the contemporary public policy issues faced by Japan and international society by synthesizing legal, political and economic learning as well as practical knowledge. Our mission is to train public policy professionals with a pronounced sense of realism and an aptitude for systematic analysis and evaluation so that they may pursue careers on the global stage.

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