2017-10-20 18:30-20:00 Open Lecture "Migration Issues in the Netherlands"

Open Lecture  "Migration Issues in the Netherlands"

Lecturer : Professor Yvonne Donders, the University of Amsterdam
Date & Time : 20 October, Friday, 18:30-20:00 (the room opens at 18:00)
Venue : Osaka City Central Public Hall, B1, Large Meeting Room

*this lecture is given in English
*admission free

 On 15 March 2017, parliamentary elections took place in The Netherlands. There are 150 MPs in the Dutch Parliament, meaning a government needs 76 seats to form a majority. No single party has ever managed this and the Netherlands has been governed by coalitions for more than a century. More than 5 months after the elections, the different parties have not yet managed to form a government. One of the important topics in the negotiations is the policy on immigration and integration. The large refugee and migration flow to Europe, with its peak in 2015, have had their repercussions on the Netherlands as well. The division of refugees and immigrants among EU countries; asylum procedures, asylum facilities and the treatment of illegal immigrants in the Netherlands; and the integration of immigrants into Dutch society are topics that are widely debated, not only in political circles but also in society. This lecture will outline the history and current situation of immigration to the Netherlands and discuss some of the controversies concerning immigration and integration.

About the speaker:
 Prof.Donders' major research topic is international human rights. She was an ex-officer of the Headquarters of UNESCO and has been a professor of the faculty of law at the University of Amsterdam since 2011. She was also the former chief of the center of international law at the university. She was engaged in the establishment of the Dutch research institute of human rights, continuously contributing as a member of the advisory committee. She was also a director of the Dutch International Law Association, the chief of the advisory board of the Shelter City Project (inviting human right activists overseas to the Netherlands), and the chairman of the Dutch UN Association.

*This lecture is presented by Osaka School of International Public Policy, the doctoral program of multicultural innovation at Osaka University, and  Hurights Osaka.

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