2017-10-10 (Tue) 16:20-17:50 Open Lrecture "Being in Jerusalem: Main Challenges and Survival Mechanisms"

Open Lecture  "Being in Jerusalem: Main Challenges and Survival Mechanisms" 

Lecturer : Dr. Munir Nuseibah  (Faculty of Law, Al-Quds University (Jerusalem))
Date & Time : 10 October, Tuesday, 16:20-17:50
Veneu : Lecture Theatre, 2nd floor, OSIPP
*The lecture is given in English.
After presenting the status of Jerusalem as an occupied city, the lecturer will discuss methods used by the Israeli authorities to control the population both in terms of demography and national aspirations. The main challenges facing the Palestinian population's mere existence in the city will be discussed, focusing on residency revocations, child registration restrictions, family unification freeze, home demolitions and social welfare discrimination. Then, a discussion of some of the survival mechanisms that the Palestinian population in Jerusalem is trying to use will be presented.
About the speaker:
Dr. Munir Nuseibah is an assistant professor at Faculty of Law of the Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, Palestine and teaches international human rights law. He is the director of the Human Rights Clinic, the first accredited clinical legal education program in the Arab World and the director of the Al-Quds University’s Community Action Center in Jerusalem. He regularly contributes op-eds on the actual condistion of Palestine under occupation. He earned his PhD at the University of Westminster in London with the thesis, Forced Displacement in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, International Law and Transitional Justice
*This lecture is held in the class of Peacebuilding (Tuesday 5th period). Those who want to attend this open lecture but are not familiar with the issue can also attend the first session of the course on 3 October in which the basics of the Israel/Palestine conflict will be provided. 
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