2016-06-21(Tue) 16:20-17:50 EUIJ Kansai OPEN LECTURE

 The EU Institute in Japan(EUIJ)-Kansai welcomes anyone to the following lecture by Researcher of the Slovenian Migration Institute, Dr. Martina Bofulin. The Lecture is held in cooperation with Prof. Gyo Miyahara (Centre for Global Initiatives). 

Dr. Martina Bofulin
"Chinese at the periphery of Europe: constraining Chinese mobility in Southeast Europe"

Date: 21 June 2016, Tuesday, 16:20-17:50
Venue: Multimedia Seminar Room, 3F, OSIPP
*The lecture will be given in English.
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 The outbound movements of People's Republic of China's citizens are also seen in countries in Southeast Europe. The lecture will begin with a short historical and geographical overview of migration from PRC to the SEE countries with special emphasis on the analysis of a set of constraints and opportunities in the region. In the second part of the lecture the case of Slovenia will be examined highlighting the mechanisms of mobility regimes under which PRC citizens can enter the country. Not unlike in other post-socialist countries, in the local Slovenian context, this normative framework was understood as a defense of state's sovereignty and thus the country imposed even harsher conditions than required by EU for Chinese citizens to enter. The state has started recently to look upon Chinese tourists as a promising potential for the tourism industry. Still, the old style understanding of migration as a risk and the need for a very close scrutiny of mobile subjects very much determines the mechanisms for obtaining tourist visa in Slovenia. This lecture thus shows complex negotiations among different actors on the desired and undesired types of mobility and the localized understanding and embeddedness of EU determined mobility regimes.
Dr. Martina Bofulin
 Researcher at Slovenian Migration Institute (Research Center of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts). She holds a PhD in ethnic studies from University of Ljubljana. She was a JSPS postdoctoral fellow at Osaka University. She has done extensive field work among Chinese migrants in Southeast Europe, Japan and in communities of origin in China. She is the author of the book "Home away from home - Migration from PR China to Slovenia" in Slovenian language.

For further information, please contact:
Aya Fukushima, EUIJ Kansai Osaka University Office:
Gyo Miyahara, Centre for Global Initiatives, Osaka University
Akihisa Matsuno, Osaka School of International Public Policy(OSIPP)
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