2016-05-31 (Tue) 14:40-16:10 EU Institute in Japan - Kansai Open Lecture by Prof. de Jong

EU Institute in Japan - Kansai Open Lecture

The EUIJ Kansai in collaboration with Associate Professor Luis Pedriza presents an open lecture by Professor Janny de Jong of the University of Groningen. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome.

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Janny de Jong (University of Groningen)
Title : 'Orwell's shadow -- The historian as an antidote to nationalism in postwar Asia and Europe'
Time and Date : 31 May, Tue., 14:40-16:10
Venue : Room 22, Bun-ho-kei Kogito (Lecture Bldg of Letters, Law and Economics), Toyonaka Campus
This lecture addresses the role of historians in the interplay of nationalism, memory and commemoration in East Asia and Europe after the Second World War. It will discuss how and why the history of the Second World War still plays a very important role both in Europe and in East Asia, how it is often used as a political tool, and how the end of the Cold War influenced international and national politics and the perception of the past.

For further information, contact:
Luis Pedriza, Graduate School of Law and Politics
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Aya Fukushima, EUIJ Kansai Osaka University Office
E-Mail address : euij-osadm◎osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp
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