2015-02-04 (Wed) 14:40-16:10 The 69th OSIPP Policy Forum

Presenter:Prof. Marie Söderberg
(Director of the European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Econmics, Sweden)
"Where is the EU-Japan Relationship Heading?"

Date/Time: Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 14:40-16:10
Venue: Conference Room, 6F OSIPP Building, Toyonaka Campus
      Osaka University, Osaka School of International Public Policy
Language: English (No Interpretation)
Chair: Prof. Takeuchi Toshitaka (OSIPP)
Inquiries: Prof. Takeuchi Toshitaka, OSIPP (takeuchi◎osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp)
                        *please change ◎ to @
Anyone is welcome, Admission Free.
Cohosted by EU Institute in Japan, Kansai.

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