2015-01-22 (Thu) 14:40-16:00 Seminar on Transitional Justice in Post-Arab Spring North Africa

"Revolutionary Justice vs Partial Justice: Making Sense of Transitional Justice in Libya and Tunisia"

Joint presentation
Dr. Christopher K. Lamont (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, OSIPP, Osaka University, and Assistant Professor, University of Groningen)
Dr. Mietek Budszynski (Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations, Pomona College)

  Date/Time : 22 January 2015, Thursday, 14:40-16:00
  Venue : OSIPP Building, 3rd floor, Multimedia Room (Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University)
  Language : English (No Translation)
  ** Anyone is welcome
  Contact and inquiry: Akihisa Matsuno, OSIPP Professor
   Phone: 06-6850-5646
   Email: matsuno*osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp (please change * to @)

- The seminar is supported by the Osaka University's Grant for Short-term International Joint Research and Kakenhi (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research) C: Politicide Studies in the Cold-War Asia (Matsuno).
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