2014-11-6(Thu)13:00-14:30 "European Regional Policy: Its Aims and Effects" by Prof. Maarten Duijvendak

OSIPP-Groningen University MHIR Double Degree Programme
A Special Lecture
"European Regional Policy: Its Aims and Effects"
Prof. Maarten Duijvendak
University of Groningen
Faculty of Arts
Date/Time :  13:00-14:30, Thur., 6 November 2014
Venue:Conference Room, OSIPP Building (6th floor)
[Language] English (No Translation) , 
*Addmission Free ,**Anyone is welcome (Up to first-arrival 50 persons)
with support of the EU Institute in Japan, Kansai and the Tekijuku Commemoration Center
Prof Maarten Duijvendak will introduce the Dutch Research master programme in Modern History & International Relations at the university of Groningen and presents results of his research on European regional policies.

Economic growth is uneven. Core regions experience relative high growth–figures, while in rural and peripheral areas unemployment is above average.  Since the early 1970s the European Union (the EEC) pursued an ambitious regional development agenda. Initially the aim was to ease the conversion of agricultural regions into industrial ones, or renew old industrial districts into modern.  The last two decades saw the rise of a new approach that stresses the endogenous growth capacities of regions. Investment in regional and local values, in local products and tourist-services started at the turn of the century.  What were the results of this strategy to make Europe as a whole more competitive? And what happened to the political aims of the regional agenda of the European Committee of Jacques Delors that started these policies in the 1990’s?
The Research Master Programme in Modern History and International Relations (MHIR) offer training on MA-level in the theoretical and methodological approaches, while students specialize in one of the major questions in the field and develop a profile of their own. OSIPP and MHIR have a combined double degree master programme that allows students to study 10 month abroad.
Prof. Maarten Duijvendak studied Economic and Social History with minors in Sociology and Economics. He holds a Ph.D. from the Utrecht University.  He is the chair of Economic, Social and Regional History at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He is the Director of Studies of the Research Master Modern History and International Relations and the Director of Studies of the Honours College at the Faculty of Arts. His research focuses on long run economic and social development and regional disparities in Europe.
Inquiry: Hiroo Nakajima(OSIPP Associate Professor)

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