2014-6-17 (Tue) 16:20-17:50 EUIJ-Kansai Special Lecture by Dr. Maria Raquel Freire

"The crisis in Ukraine: policies, actors and challenges. Building the path towards stability? " 

Dr. Maria Raquel Freire (Assistant Professor, Coimbra University )

Date/time: 17 June, Tuesday, 16:20-17:50
Venue: Multimedia Room, 3rd floor, OSIPP
Language: English
Hosted by: EUIJ-Kansai (URL) EUIJ-kansai
*Anyone is welcome
*Please send an email to EUIJ-Kansai's Osaka University Office for registration.
Mail address: euij-osadm◎osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp (please chenge ◎ to @)


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