2013-2-1 (Fri) 13:20-15:30 OSIPP-Japan Foundation Join Seminar Series: Exchange Seminar

■ Session 1. 13:20-14:20
    ・ Presentation: SHIWEDA, mary Mweneni
        "Nambia's Foreign Policy: Comparison between Pre-Independence and Post-Independence"
   ・ Discussion

■ Session 2. 14:30-15:30
   ・ Presentation from OSIPP students: Ms. Karimoto, Mr. Hirooka, Mr. Sakano
         "Japan's ODA for Sustainable Development: Project Designing and Planning"
     ・ Discussion

Date/Time: 13:20-15:30 February 1, 2013 
Venue: Lecture Room L3, 3F, Common Hall for Humanities & Social Science (Toyonaka Sogo Gakkan)
Language: English
Moderator: Prof. Toshiya Hoshino (Dean of OSIPP)
Contact: Hoshinoken



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