Internship Projects

OSIPP was the first graduate school in Japan to offer internship classes.

Since its establishment, OSIPP has recognized the educational effect that the internship projects have on the professional career development and encouraged graduate students to take an active part in a variety of internship activities. The School, in particular since 1998, has offered internship programs as regular curriculum and provided students with a tremendous internship opportunity in Japan or overseas.

This class is designed to improve student participation in the internship programs by providing institutional supports. Internships provide participants with a valuable chance to work through issues and problems that arise in the field, obtain practical skills and gain a hands-on work experience. Internships also offer opportunities to find and develop a research topic by integrating practical work experiences with academic work and explore potential career paths by experiencing the professional world.

Principal Internship Organizations

  • International organizations (the United Nations, etc.)
  • Diplomatic Establishments of foreign governments in Japan
    Diplomatic Establishments of the Japanese government overseas
  • Ministries and other central bodies of the Japanese government
    (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, etc.)
    Local governments in Japan
  • Japanese government-run aid agencies
    (Japan International Cooperation Agency [JICA], etc.)
  • Think tanks and research institutes
    Consulting Firms
  • Economic organizations
  • Offices of Diet members
    Offices of local assembly members
  • Attorneys' offices
  • Financial institutions (banks, life insurance companies, etc.)
    Foreign-owned companies
  • NPOs and NGOs
  • Media outlets (newspapers, news agencies, etc.)
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