Applying to OSIPP as a Regular, Full-time Master's Course or Doctoral Course Student

Application forms (available in Japanese only) and school pamphlets are available upon request at the Educational Affairs Section (Kyomu-Kakari) in the OSIPP building, or via snail mail (please note they are not available in electronic form). For individuals requesting application forms and pamphlets from within Japan please send a self-addressed envelope (size: kakugata 2go) with a 300JPY stamp to the following address. (Applicants outside of Japan do not need to include a stamp.)

  Educational Affairs Section (Kyomu-Kakari)
  Osaka School of International Public Policy
  Osaka University
  1-31 Machikaneyama-cho
  Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture 560-0043 Japan

For applicants requesting application forms and school pamphlets via snail mail, please be sure to include whether you are applying for the Master's Course or the Doctoral Course in the cover letter.

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