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Osaka University has 3 campuses, one in each of the cities of Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh. Additionally, there are major transportation hubs in the same general area, Osaka International Airport, a major highway junction ("Suita") shared by 3 Kansai expressways, and Shin-Osaka Station (a train station that also provides service for the bullet trains and the Osaka subway system). All three campuses are in quiet residential areas adjacent to and serviced by the Osaka Monorail lines.

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International Student Office OSIPP

The Toyonaka Campus

OSIPP ls located at the Toyonaka campus is on a hill so its just a gentle slope climb away from the nearest stations: Ishibashi (Hankyu Takarazuka Line) or Shibahara (Osaka Monorail). There is also a shopping area in front of Ishibashi station.

The Toyonaka Campus is home to nine of Osaka University's School/Graduate Schools.

Inter-Campus Shuttle Bus Service

A free shuttle bus service between the three campuses – Toyonaka, Suita and Minoh – is available.

Students and faculty and staff members can use these buses for attending classes, participating in extracurricular activities, and education and research-related activities on other campuses; however neither can use them for commuting.

Osaka University shuttle bus

Keep up to date with the latest bus timetable by visiting the Osaka University website.

Health and Counseling Center

The Health and Counseling Center is divided into two divisions, the Health Care Center and the Counseling and Support Division, to provide health and counseling services to help students solve their problems and also provides support for their extra-curricular social activities.

The Counseling and Support Division consists of three units:
Student Disability Services, Student Counseling and Consultation Services, and Career Development Services. The Center also works in coordination with the Harassment Counseling Offices, the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and schools.


The Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) has three offices: main office on the Suita campus and branch offices on Toyonaka and Minoh campuses. CIEE provides international students seeking jobs in Japan with job counseling services and job hunting information. It also provides Japanese Language Programs and serves as a coordinator for short-term programs such as OUSSEP.

The Information Room for International Students (IRIS) in the CIEE provides information about financial aid, housing, international exchange activities, and more.

Helpful Related Links

Osaka University International Students Association (OUISA)

To make a better community of International Students

OUISA is a volunteer organization and the moment you register as a foreign student at Osaka University you become a member of OUISA. But if you are interested in playing an active role in OUISA please feel free to talk to us or visit.

OUISA is all about sharing, learning and networking among the students of Osaka University. We focus on strengthening the friendship, understanding and sharing of experiences among the students from different ethnic communities coming from different parts of the world.

You may be a short-term exchange student, or an undergraduate or graduate student who will be studying at Osaka University for a longer period. Yet you may want to meet other likeminded students and share experiences, organize and participate in events and most importantly make friends.

"At OUISA, this is what we do. As OUISA, we provide the platform for students to meet each other, share experiences and take part in different events."

BSP (Brothers and Sisters Program), Osaka University

Making the most of international exchange

Internship OSIPP Osaka University
BSP operates in three campuses

The BSP (Brothers and Sisters Program) is an international-exchange circle which supports international students in Osaka University.

In this circle, international students can get help and have the chance to communicate with local students. In addition, BSB does campus tours for the new exchange students, and holds international parties and lunchtime gatherings for those Osaka University students who are interested in international exchange.

BSP offices can be found in all three campuses.

"All Osaka University students can join the BSP events or luchtime gatherings. BSP is there to nurture and support OU's international exchange."

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